Story of Tayeba – TVET Successful Case

A successful case of “Cooking, Dairy & Food Process” course

23-year old Tayeba enrolled in Ansari VTC in “Cooking, Dairy & Food Process” class in December 2016. In 6- month TVET program, she learned a vocation that changed her life.

After graduation, she began thinking of how to start her own business using skills she learned with two of her classmates. But still she faced a number of obstacles that stood against her motives/dreams.

Soon after graduating from Ansari VTC, she qualified for Advanced Fast Food Training in Ansari VTC for a two- week period. This advanced training – held by OSAA ESC- is designed to support graduates by connecting them with mentors to receive guidance and necessary sessions for their entrepreneurships. In her case, she received training in Fast Food Recipe.

Today, Taieba is on her way to fulfil her dreams successfully. Her Fast Food restaurant’s location is in Jebrail called “Dehkade Ta’am”. They are successful because they had an innovative idea in their own town that is a small town outside Herat City, despite limits, barriers and financial obstacles they inaugurated it and they are running it on their own.









Source: OSAA Project Unit.