Story of Sadgol – TVET Successful Case

A successful case of “Carpet Weaving” course

Ms. Sadgol with her three classmates Shafiqa, Farzana & Rahima graduated from Ansari “Carpet Weaving” class with high score in June 2017. These women with cooperation of OSAA ESC created a working group and are weaving a carpet with each other. Ms. Sadgol is 28 and she is the head of this group and tries hard to support her working group to provide the best quality products to the market.

Sadghul and her family returned to Herat and her hometown, Shindand district, after years of migration. But due to insecurity and war in this district, they have been forced to leave their home and moved to Herat city. It’s been 11 years she has been married and has 4 sons. Before she started to work, her husband was the only breadwinner of the family who is working in a company in Industrial Town of Herat. She added that after she found out about Ansari VTC she joined to vocational training in this center and could learn “Carpet Weaving” vocation professionally. By the time she graduated from this class, with collaboration and technical-professional support in Small Business set up and receiving support kits from OSAA ESC, she made a working group of four in order to make money and have a significant role in household economic growth.

Despite of challenges like not having a right place to install carpet frame and the cold weather, this group is still struggling with much enthusiasm and effort to invest more and create effective workshops to promote handicrafts industry and economic growth. They added that the women who are unemployed and have no idea about vocational skills, should use available opportunities, learn their interested vocations and earn money.

She appreciates OSAA, Help, WFP and other facilitator organizations providing Small Business training and other supportive services during and after training.











Source: OSAA Project Unit.