Story of Abdul Karim – TVET Successful Case

A successful case of “Home Appliances Repair” course

Ab. Karim graduated from “Home Appliances Repair” of Ansari VTC in June 2017. He could expand his experience in house wiring with his trainer and OSAA ESC assistance in some practical works in the suburbs of Herat city.

He, who is one of the best graduates of this vocation from Ansari VTC, invested 128,500AFN, a loan he received from his friends, in an electricity shop in Soltan Aqa square of Herat city. He is also continuing his higher education.

Ab. Karim, 21, has lots of challenges on his way but with this age he has great plans in his mind! He plans to start a cooperative with some of his talented classmates from Ansari VTC and gets big contracts in this field. He has been working in this vocation since 2006 and by graduating from high school he joined Sociology Faculty of Herat University. When he graduated from Sociology Faculty, he joined Ansari VTC -“Home Appliances Repair” class. He adds that during this course he has been trained in industrial electricity, house wiring and home appliances repair.

Ab. Karim is the only bread-earner of the family but in case of a possible financial support, he talks about continuing his education in the field of Sociology in Master and even Doctorate levels. He also added that with keen interest in electricity vocation he wants to improve his business. He says that each country needs such trained people in certain vocations and only higher education is not the criterion for success and progress in a country.

In the end, Abdul Karim expressed his gratitude to OSAA, Help, the World Food Program (WFP), and other organizations that have provided various services during the TVET such as small businesses and side-supports during and after training courses. He adds that these training have changed his life.

TVET Successful Story-Clip (Abdul Karim)






Source: OSAA Project Unit.