Opening Ceremony of Isteqlal VTC

Time: Thursday, 10:00-12:00am

Date: Feb, 01 2018

Venue: Isteqlal VTC, Herat, Afghanistan

In opening ceremony of Isteqlal VTC which was held on Thursday, Feb 01 2018, a number of government delegations including Mr. Afghan, Herat DoLSA head, Labor and Skills Development directors of this department, director and employees of Help INGO, OSAA representatives, Neswan Association, ANAB/Blind Association, Herat Labor Union director, WFP representative in Herat, OSAA’s partner companies directors, Shura members of Mojahedin Town, trainers and 100 beneficiaries of Isteqlal VTC and media participated.

First of all, Mrs. Elaha Banaey, OSAA director, appreciated all participants for their attendance in this ceremony and talked about opening of Isteqlal VTC, Employment Services Center (ESC) and OSAA background.

She said that OSAA is a non-governmental, non-profit, women-led organization. This organization is a strictly non-partisan development-oriented organization. OSAA was established in 2015 and its mandate is to foster the economic and social development of Afghanistan, in particular women. It is committed to a sustainable approach of development.

She added that OSAA’s first and official project was in ESC and the majority of its activities has been employment services since OSAA’s establishment. She continues that annual market research on marketable vocations in Herat province, TVET & employment Round Tables, small business training for TVET beneficiaries, employment services and technical-professional supports to start up small businesses have been the main activities of this organization so far.

She also said that OSAA has begun TVET program based on goals set in its statute with considering the needs of the society and the donor request– Help INGO. Therefore, in 2017, OSAA has submitted a letter to MoLSA in cooperation with Herat DoLSA to take the responsibility of Isteqlal VTC. Fortunately in October 2017, a MoU between OSAA and MoLSA has been signed and OSAA was handed over the VTC. It is worth mentioning that under this MoU, OSAA is responsible to repair, rehabilitate, equip and operate this center, which now we witness the reopening of this center.

Then Mr. Zabihullah Monib Taheri, country director of Help Germany, talked about the benefits and role of TVET in socio-economy development.

He said that Help was established in 1981 to help all refugees throughout world and the mission purpose of this organization is to help refugees in building shelter, providing TVET programs and employment services. Help’s approach in 21 countries around the world is to provide TVET for refugees through which men and women have access to work.

He added that after signing a MoU between German and Afghan governments, the German government committed to, as long as possible, support Afghan people in TVET and facilitate jobs. But as the majority of unemployed people in the society do not have access to any skill or profession or may have limited knowledge on marketable vocations in their environment, suffer in finding jobs.

Mr. Taheri emphasized that TVET should be added in schools curricula and even consider as one of fundamental majors in universities because any society needs such professional and trained individuals in different vocations and Herat can be the starter of this aspect and it is one of our organization long-term goals with holding Herat DoLSA support.

He added that Help INGO has started TVET programs in coordination with DoLSA since 2005 and from 2016 Help with OSAA –a local NGO- have implemented this program together. Help INGO wants its local partner -OSAA- to take over the majority of Help activities in future.

Later on, Mr. Abdul Qayoum Afghan, Herat DoLSA head, praised OSAA and Help INGO efforts and added that TVET has a significant role and importance in job creation in a society and today we are pleased that OSAA could renovate and re-operate this center in coordination and cooperation with Herat DoLSA. He continued that Afghanistan government is bounded to create jobs for all citizens of Afghanistan according to the constitution law and DoLSA is among those departments which should pay serious attentions in this regard. At the end, he said that during 2017 around 6,500 individuals benefited from different TVET programs.

Following, Ms. Nazia Ghoryani, deputy of Mojahedin Town Shura, talked on the subject.

She appreciated and honored OSAA and Herat DoLSA to operate TVET programs in this center and she added that reopening of this center will help, solve and create jobs for the destitute families of Mojahedin Town.

By the end of the ceremony, with the presence of Mr. Afghan, partner organizations delegations and other guests Isteqlal VTC reopened with cutting the ribbon and the guests visited the classes.

It is worth mentioning that currently 100 beneficiaries are learning different vocations in Isteqlal VTC operating by OSAA in Herat province and this program including employment services are being funded by BMZ – Germany via Help INGO to OSAA in Afghanistan.

This training is programmed based on National Skill Development Program (NSDP) of MoLSA and the demand of labor market of Herat province. According to the need assessment in the area and in cooperation with Herat DoLSA, four vocations “Handicrafts & Rug Weaving” in morning shift for women and “Tailoring Machine Repair & House Wiring” in afternoon shift for men were chosen and begun. Direct bens of this program are mostly destitute, IDPs and returnees.

Among the privileges beneficiaries received during this program are: “Food for Training” by WFP, transportation payment, toolkit based on their vocation, employment services and support kits from OSAA and certificate of graduation from TVET programs in cooperation with Herat DoLSA and MoLSA in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Please click the following link for more information about Isteqlal VTC:

Isteqlal VTC Video


Source: OSAA Project Unit.