MoLSA Minister visits Isteqlal VTC

Isteqlal VTC hosted His Excellency Faizullah Zaki, MoLSA Minister, on Sunday April 15, 2018. Mr. Zaki and his delegation were accompanied by Mr. Ab. Qayoum Afghan, Head of Herat DoLSA.

Mr. Zaki along with expressing his goal to visit Isteqlal VTC, had some questions for OSAA and Isteqlal VTC officials. He asked the following questions from OSAA officials: rehabilitation and equipment costs, number of current beneficiaries, value of toolkits, transportation fares to trainees and figures and statistics of unemployed individuals who were registered in OSAA ESC database and the services provided to these people.

During the visit, Mrs. Elaha Banaey, OSAA Director, described OSAA history and activities to the guests.

Annual Market Research on Marketable Vocations and choosing marketable vocations for TVET programs was one of the interesting points to Mr. Zaki and he appreciated OSAA for carrying out this market research.

He also said that the first priority in Afghanistan is employment and entrepreneurship and it should be provided by setting up small businesses and entrepreneurship start-ups in the country so that enough jobs are created.

He added that no government in the world can create job opportunities for all its population.

He appreciated OSAA for offering TVET and complementary supports in small business training, setting up working groups, distributing supportive kits and providing services in starting up businesses in the market through OSAA ESC. He also said that employment services is a special major which has a bright future in developing countries like Afghanistan and the country is in need of experts in employment services and entrepreneurship.

Mr. Zaki said that the Ministry of Finance has declared that with $2,000 a job can be created in Afghanistan. Although, the statistics of MoLSA shows that according to the different vocations we can start up small businesses with only $500.

At the end, the Minister, while was so satisfied of OSAA activities, invited Mrs. Elaha Banaey, Director of OSAA and Mr. Tawab Hossaini, OSAA ESC Manager, to participate in National Labor Conference in Kabul.

After all this talking, Mr. Zaki visited all vocational classes in Isteqlal VTC and received a “Jam Minaret” rug as a gift which was weaved by rug weaving class trainees.

Source: OSAA Project Unit.