About OSAA

Organization for Sustainable Aid in Afghanistan /OSAA is a non-governmental, non-profit, women-led organization. OSAA is a strictly non-partisan development-oriented organization. OSAA was established in 2015 and is properly registered as Afghan NGO with the Afghan Ministry of Economy; registration number 3728. Our mandate is to foster the economic and social development of Afghanistan, in particular women. We are committed to a sustainable approach of development.

The organization’s core Founders and Board of Directors consist of well-educated, experienced and goal-oriented women and men who endeavor as clearly mentioned in the statute of the organization – to use their knowledge and experience to empower women and young girls through vocational training, employment services, capacity building, education, and development of handicrafts programs in Afghanistan.

Vision: To be an organization that best understands sustainability and lead the model for sustainable aid in Afghanistan.

Mission: To deliver sustainable development aid (in particular for women) in Afghanistan through sustainable-focused approaches.

Goals: To design and implement programs aiming to promote socio-economic and cultural development in Afghanistan. OSAA is committed to focus on the following arenas:

  • Socio-Economic development of the society;
  • Development of civil and social activities;
  • Development of education, especially for women and children;
  • Plan and implement capacity building programs;
  • Design and implement TVET programs particularly for women;
  • Implement cultural, artistic and social programs;
  • Promote women’s and children’s rights;
  • Provide legal trainings in order to establish and institutionalize rule of law.

Objectives: Empower human resources particularly women- through Capacity Building Training, TVET (Technical, Vocational and Educational Training) and employment services.

OSAA Structure:

  1. General Assembly, the supreme body of OSAA that holds meetings at least 2 times a year.
  2. Board of Directors: includes seven members that each is elected for a term of 2 years.


Source: OSAA Project Unit.